Hey HIGHLIGHTER lovers!!  The latest on Makeup News is that Maybelline has launched a New Highlighter called the Master Chrome Metallic Highlighter in Molten Gold, that definitely deserves your attention. It is an intense champagne gold highlighter with peach undertones. The texture is very soft and silky to the touch and is very blendable on the skin. It is EXTREMELY pigmented and has very tiny silver sparkles that do not emphasize texture or show on the face. It is quite a very metallic illuminator that almost gives a wet skin look to the skin. This highlighter is very intense and it WILL make your cheek bones or any other part of your face pop from a distance!

Maybelline Summer 2017 collection as of now is available on Amazon Prime will be soon available in all the drugstore if not already. The collection includes –

About the product –

  • Heat up your look with a warm metallic sheen
  • Infused with reflective pigments that give a bold glow
  • Apply lightly for a subtle glow, or build up application for a bold melted metal look
  • Soft powder formula allows for seamless application

I feel this highlighter will look good on multiple skin tones from very far to darker skin. Its a drugstore highlighter, but I would definitely put it up next to my higher end more pricier ones, because it is such high end quality and available at such an affordable price! It has opaque pigmentation in a single swipe. I compared it to my Mac Wisper of Guilt and Laura Geller Guilded Honey. It also almost mimics the texture of my favorite Maybelline Single shadow in ‘The Glo Down’. The texture of all four feel very similar, very soft and buttery, kind of like an intense creamy near-fluid formula that creates a luminous look without emphasizing any texture. I sweep the product across the cheekbones, down the bridge of my nose, a tiny bit on the cupids bow and along the brow bone. The result? A beautiful glossy look to the skin!

Swatch Comparisons from Left to Right –Maybelline Molten Gold ($7.99), Mac- Wisper of Gilt ($33), Maybelline eyeshadow – The Glo down ($3.00) and Laura Geller- Gilded Honey ($26). All of these highlighters are at par with each other and imparts the same dewy result on the skin.

Maybelline ‘Molten Gold’ and Maybelline Expert Wear Eyeshadow in ‘The Glo Down’. Both almost feel the same except Molten gold is a bit more peachy. I cannot tell them apart on the face they look identical.

This Maybelline highlighter has no chunky glitter and offers a beautiful sheen. So if you are like me and do not like any glitter you will love this one.

Swatches of Maybelline ‘Molten Gold’ and Maybelline Expert Wear Eyeshadow in ‘The Glo Down’.

Maybelline ‘Molten Gold’ and Mac ‘Wisper of Gilt’

Wisper of gilt is a bit more Gold than the Maybelline Molten Gold. Maybelline Molten Gold is more peachy and  feels a little bit powdery but once I smooth it out it has a very similar metallic finish as WOG.

How I Apply it –

The highlighter texture is thicker in texture and swatches very intensely, so a fan brush doesn’t pick up as much of the product, instead I used a more denser brush like the real techniques setting brush or the elf small tapered brush that’s picks up the product evenly and help blend it well onto the skin. For a more intense highlighter look I spray some fix plus on my brush and then apply the product on my cheeks.

Am wearing Molten Honey on my cheekbones

I love that drugstore brands are starting to release products that previously only higher end brands did as it is always great to have more affordable options! Maybelline has done such a fantastic job creating this fabulous highlighter for a great affordable price! Right now where prices of makeup is only on the rise, be it luxury or drugstore, $7.99 for a beautiful highlighter is unbeatable!

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