Huda Beauty Eyeshadow Palette-/Rose Gold Edition/Review

Textured Shadows Palette Rose Gold Edition

“I literally dreamt about the colors in this palette, and it’s finally come to life!”—Huda Kattan.

Beauty guru and Dubai based entrepreneur Huda Kattan created The Huda Beauty Textures Shadows Palette. The palette has 18 colors in all.

What’s in the Palette:

There are 2 Chromatic pressed pearls eyeshadow in – Angelic (sweet pink with gold reflections), Moon Dust (astral gold illumination).

There are 6 Textured shadows in – Dubai (smoky bronze), Fling (sparkly cranberry), 24K (lavish gold), Rose Gold (rose gold), Trust Fund (ritzy copper), and Blessed (vintage gold).

There are 10 Saturated Matte eyeshadows in – Bossy (bold maroon clay), Flamingo (dashing pink), Shy (delicate dusty pink), BAE (cream-colored base), Black Truffle (decadent black), Suede (smooth transition gray), Coco (bark brown), Maneater (ruthless mulberry), Henna (warm reddish-brown), and Sandalwood (earthy deep tan).

The Matte shadows don’t swatch very well but perform really well on the eyes. They feel very finely milled and blend very well. They do not kick up any excess powder at all.

The foiled shadow pigmentation & payoff is super intense!! It also has chunky glitter in it so it can be a bit hard to work with & can tend to make the eyes look a quite textured and creepy, sadly. They work well with fingers and not quite so much with a brush. Huda says, to use the foiled shadows with your fingers because the warmth of your finger will pick up the shadow better than a brush and transfer it beautifully to the eyes. And that’s right!

Price & Availability:

Retails for $65 It is a Talc free formula. It is available at Sephora and Huda Beauty Website


The packaging is made of cardboard, and its not a good sturdy cardboard its a light weight and cheap kind of cardboard sadly. It does come with a sleeve with Huda’s gorgeous eyes logo looking at you, the palette does not include a mirror. The packaging seems very slim & lightweight. Honestly, I feel she could have worked more on the packaging as it is not up to the standard of what’s sold at that price point. I would have liked a more chic and expensive looking packaging with a mirror and a brush for that price point, kind of like the Anastasia Beverly Hills Palettes. Personally I am a big fan of Huda Beauty and respect the hard work she puts in her business but I feel she has over priced the palette quite a bit.

Overall Thoughts

I feel if you are a collector like me, then its a lovely palette to have in your collection. The beautiful warm tones in the palette remind me of all the colors you see in the sky during a Sunset with the scattering of sunlight, like the fiery orange, searing reds, pink, golden twilight and the afterglow, just so pretty!

It is a fun palette and will work really well for bridal looks esp Indian brides. Huda is so lovely that you would definitely want to own, something that seems to be so passionate to her, it also will look beautiful on your vanity BUT is it worth the $65 price tag?? That will have to be your call!

{Thank you for reading xoxo}

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