Hourglass Girl Lip Stylo Review & Swatches

GIRL, four letters that can change the world! Remember Jenny Shimizu from the yesteryears? She was the face on the billboards in NY in 1990s, and now at 50 she is training to be a NYPD officer. Now that’s inspiring! To recognize and honor girl power and the recently held Women’s march across the world, Hourglass recently unveiled a new line of girl lipsticks called the GIRL Lip Stylo. Hourglass is featuring the Jenny Shimizu in this campaign. Jenny says – “There’s no better beauty product than a lipstick to remind us to use our voices, fuel our passions, drive a purpose, make a change. GIRL is a reminder to speak up.”

“Jenny Shimizu is not just the face of GIRL, but a partner and an inspiration – she is fearless, confident and passionate. She is more than a model; she is a role model,” said Hourglass Founder Carisa Janes.

Pic courtesy: hourglasscosmetics

The Lipstick line has twenty available shades ranging from beautiful nudes, roses, plums, mauves, pretty pinks to deep berry & red shades all twenty shades represent a strong woman. The Hourglass brand looks to spread a message of girl power with these lipsticks. Hence the names…Dreamer, Explorer, Futurist, Icon, Achiever, Activist, Believer, Creator, Idealist, Influencer, Visionary, Liberator, Lover, Peacemaker, Protector, Seeker, Warrior, Innovator, Inventor, Leader.

While at Sephora just the other day I had a chance to try some out and pick a couple. The packaging is chic & luxurious like all other hourglass packaging. All of the lipsticks have the same Satin Finish and a moisturizing formula which feels very balmy smooth on the lips and do not apply patchy at all. I love Hourglass products – after trying a few of these I found my favorite shade Liberator, although they are all wearable and stunning.

Product Description, Swatches & Shade Descriptions

Precision color meets luxurious hydration. GIRL Lip Stylo features the color intensity of a lipstick fused with a luxurious blend of shea butter, jojoba, mimosa and sunflower seed for softer, fuller lips. The silky formula glides across lips for a second-skin feel with a lustrous finish.

Dreamer – peachy pink, Believer – peachy beige, Creator – soft pink nude, Explorer – soft pink coral, Seeker – pinky rose.

Futurist – mauve nude, Idealist – honey nude, Peacemaker – peachy nude, Achiever – deep mauve
Influencer – deep rose beige.

Lover – vibrant red orange, Innovator – neutral red, Icon – blue red, Innovator – neutral red, Visionary – brick red.

Leader – vivid fuchsia, Activist – neutral rose, Liberator – deep berry, Protector – rich berry, Warrior – deep plum

Me wearing girl lip stylo in Liberator #GIRLFORGOOD

My Thoughts

Now we all have seen Lip crayons / Chubby sticks like Clinique ($17.00) & drugstore brands like Revlon, Neutrogena etc., that are way more economical as compared to the Girl lip stylo, which is priced at $32.00. That is a rather pricey lipstick. But then, Hourglass is a luxury brand with a gorgeous hefty packaging & the quality is beyond expectations. Never disappoints.. The formula is very nice & pigmented. It glides on smoothly and beautifully on lips with buildable color payoff. The shade Liberator lasted on my lips for good 4 hours. The lipsticks are infused with Shea butter, jojoba, mimosa and sunflower seed so it feels very moisturizing and did not dry out my lips at all.
Besides, i love vibe of the collection, i love the names and the underlying message of empowering women.

Availability & Price

Hourglass Lip stylo is available at Sephora, Nordstorm, hourglasscosmetics and are $32.00 each.

Did you happen to try these beautiful lipsticks? Which is you favorite?

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