$3 Eyeshadow / Highlighter?? Dupe Alert!

If you enjoy a glow, a highlight, a dazzle AND and that it cost is only $3, just like the $40 – $50 luxury highlighters…It is not easy to find a nice drugstore or affordable highlighter that works like a charm & that can be dupeable to higher end brands that cost quite the buck $$$ !! So if you love dupes and like to figure out whats a lower cost alternative to your favorite high end products is, then you are going to love this. The eyeshadow that I am talking about in this post that doubles as a highlighter is the Maybelline Expert Wear Eyeshadow in ‘The Glo Down’.

maybelline-expert-wear I was immediately blown away after swatching this eyeshadow. I could not believe it was a drugstore product! Its a beautiful peach-y gold champagne color that will suit multiple skin tones. It is not glittery or chunky, is just soft shimmery goodness. For being a $3 eyeshadow it did not accentuate any texture on the skin. Feels soft like butter.

img_1656Maybelline Expert Wear Eyeshadow in ‘The Glo Down’

The swatch in the above picture clearly shows how buttery smooth the shadow / highlighter is!! Not powder at all, gives a beautiful sheen to the skin & is very long lasting.

img_1657Maybelline Expert Wear Eyeshadow in ‘The Glo Down’

I also wanted to compare it with some of my high end favorite highlighters and was happily surprised how dupable this actually is. In the picture below I swatched a couple side by side.The first one is Laura Geller Gilded Honey ($26.00), In the center is Maybelline The Glo Down ($3.00) and the last is Becca Cosmetics Champagne Pop ($38.00).

Holy Moly! all shadows look so similar!!! Infact the Maybelline looks the most metallic out of the three! Now for the price isn’t that amazing?? I know I am definitely going to stock up on this Maybelline shadow.

Highlighter dupes

Here is how to use the expert wear shadow as a Highlighter

Highlighters can spotlight the best features of the face, give a the face a nice healthy angular contoured look. With a fan brush or any small fluffy brush, just apply a little on the high points of your cheek (above your cheek bones), on the bridge of your nose, dab a little on that cupids bow, inner corner of the eye and if you like you can put it on the arch of the brows. You can even slap some on your collar bones. And of course use it as an eyeshadow the way is meant to be used 😉

My PicI am wearing Maybellone the Glo down on my cheek bones in this picture.

So, finally this shadow qualifies for anyone who is addicted to highlighting or loves a glow! Who else is going to be stocking up this amazing eyeshadow / highlighter??!! I know I am for sure!!

You can find it in all drugstore and online here at Ulta.

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