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Drew Barrymore, introduced Flower Beauty three years ago. There have been new additions to her line with some new products in her permanent line. Shimmer and Shade Eyeshadow Palettes which contain only non-intimidating shades.


Besides the eyeshadow palettes, Flower Beauty introduced Shimmer and Strobe highlighting palettes and the Lift and Sculpt contour palettes, both of which Barrymore described as “fool-proof”, and inspired by products from luxury brands like, Hourglass and Surratt. The colors chosen in this line, are elegant and light shades. Barrymore says – “I’ve learned the hard way that the highlighting and contouring pigments are tough on your skin…you are blending and blending. With shades that are elegant and light, you can always put on more.” Other new products that are also added to the line, include makeup blending sponges and eye primers.

Eyeshadow Palettes in – Warm Natural ES1, Golden Natural ES3 & Intense Natural ES4.

There are a total of 4 different Palettes that are available in this line out of which I bought three and skipped on the ES2 Cool Natural. Each individual palette comes with a nice fluffy blender brush that I really like, it a very nice brush for blending smaller eyes and even great to pack on color. The price of each palette is $14.98. The forth one that I did not not purchase has more dark smokey colors. The eye shadows are very smooth and thin in texture. The pretty white packaging is made of plastic that is quite slim and sturdy, these will be very travel friendly. They each have a diagram at the back that shows three different eye looks that you can achieve using the different shades in the palette. The formulation of shadows on each Palette is the same.

FB-EyeshadowES1, ES3 & ES4

Warm Natural ES1

The Warm Naturals is probably my most used out of the three. It has beautiful mauve’s, purples and a couple warmer neutrals. The shadows are very blendable and can be very easily layered on top of each other without looking muddy and I was pleasantly surprised with the pigmentation of the three matte shades, but the shimmers are not as intense as the Golden Neutrals Palette. The brush is very nice it is a nice change from the sponge applicators, it works well to pack on shadow and also to blend shadows.

FbeautyWarm Natural ES1

img_1492Warm Natural ES1 Swatched dry without flash

Golden Natural ES3

This palette mainly has 10 beautiful bronze-y golden shimmering shades. This one is undoubtedly, my favorite out of the three. The Palette has 7 shimmery golds and 3 creamy matte shades. All shades apply smoothly, perform well & blend easily. If you love shimmery neutrals you MUST pick this one up out of the four. The shadow texture is so creamy and soft that it tends to kick up some powder and ball up a little, but surprisingly there is no fall out! The shimmery shades almost have a foiled finish. I love using the shimmers wet for a more intense eye look.

img_1307Golden Natural ES3

Swatches-FBGolden Natural ES3 Swatched dry without flash

I feel the shimmery shades do not perform very well if used with a brush and the shimmers go all over the place, but once I wet my brush with some fix plus they worked like a dream! It went on very pigmented and smoothly. The matte shades kick up a ton of powder but blended very easily in the crease. I didn’t have to wet my brush to use the matte shades, just tap the excess powder off the brush and blend away.

Intense Natural ES4

The Intense Natural Palette houses 10 powder eyeshadows with 2 Mattes and 8 Shimmery colors ideal for smokey eye looks. This Palette contains more cooler shades. There is a matte black in this palette that looks pretty dark in the pan but lacks pigmentation, even if I try to layer and build it up it just sweeps the powder away into nothingness. The rest of the shadows have good color pay off. In the palette there are shimmery blues, dark purple, greys and gunmetal shades, also some warmer neutrals. Shimmers are very nice and quite intense when used wet or with your fingers.

img_1312Intense Natural ES4

Intense NaturalIntense Natural ES4 Swatched wet with flash

Shimmer & Strobe Highlighting Palette SP1 ($12.98)

I get very excited to see highlighters from the drugstore!! This Shimmer & Strobe Palette definitely caught my eye…it has three highlighters and also brush in it. There is a Champagne, Rose gold and a Golden highlighters. The powders are very metallic and intense. The shimmer is very fine and the highlighters are super soft and buttery.

FB-StrobeShimmer & Strobe Highlighting Palette SP1

HighlighterMe wearing the middle Rose Gold Shade from the Palette


My Thoughts

Overall, I really like the Eye Shadow Palettes, the shadows are very soft and pigmented, the texture of the shadows is silky and not dry at all. They blend well, wear time is long lasting and blend very well. These shadows as compared to the other brands like Maybelline, L’Oreal etc are much softer in texture. I also happen to love the Highlighting Palette. The highlighters are very silky they are no chunky glitter at all. It wore ALL day without accentuating any texture on the skin. Am very happy to see drugstores coming out with amazing quality Highlighting Palettes!!

Price & Availability

Flower Cosmetics is available at Walmart in stores or online – Here

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