Vicks EasyFill Cool Mist Humidifier

Hello there! This might be a little off topic, but I thought of doing this post just because I am so appreciative of Influenster for sending me a nice surprise on Christmas! While I was already on the look out to buy a Humidifier for my son because of his seasonal allergies I got sent a package from Influenster and guess what was inside and it came at a much needed time? Yeah! The Vicks EasyFill Cool Mist Humidifier!

Winter air is dry air. Humidifiers put moisture back into the air, which can be great for us! The air quality has been better from the first night that I turned it on. In fact, when my children come down with a cold, running a humidifier provides a lot of relief from sore throat, itchy eyes, cough & congestion for comfortable sleep.

And of course not to forget, cold, dry air saps moisture from your skin, which causes dryness, dullness, flaking, and accelerated aging. A humidifier can help prevent all these effects, and help maintain that plump, glowing, vibrant skin.


What it is (Specs) –

The Vicks EasyFill Cool Mist Humidifier is the first Vicks humidifier with two easy ways to fill: fill at the humidifier or bring the tank to the sink. This humidifier delivers quiet, visible cool mist to provide temporary relief from cough and congestion for better breathing and a more comfortable sleep.

  • Two convenient ways to fill:
    • Fill at the humidifier with a pitcher
    • Remove tank and fill tank at the sink
  • 1.25 gallon tank capacity
  • Run time of up to 36 hours
  • Filter free design
  • Adjustable mist control
  • Auto shut-off when empty
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Accepts up to 2 Vicks VapoPads® for soothing menthol vapors
  • Designed for medium to large sized rooms
  • Includes one Protec® Humidifier Demineralization Cartridge (model TWT500) to help prevent white dust.
  • 2 year limited warranty

If you’d like to purchase this humidifier you can find it at Amazon

Thank you once again Influenster for sending me free the Vicks® EasyFill Cool Mist for testing purposes. I know I am going to get good use out of it.


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