Kathleen Lights Launching Her own line of Nail Polish!


If you have been watching Kathleen Lights for a while now, you will know her love for Nail Polish!! So guess what now she has come out with her own line of polish called the “KL Polish”, it is cruelty-free, USA-made nail polish line that she has created. As of right now she just launched six on-trend lacquers as part of her line KL Polish in available NOW for preorder on KL Polish.com in the colors- Zoey, Gumption!, Snickerdoodle, Brick Sidewalk, Carmello, and Broccoli & Chocolate.

Shhh…She had been snapping and tweeting, sneek peeks about something that was coming out that she had been working on for a while and was close to her heart. Well now we know what she was talking about…her own freaking line of NAIL POLISH!!!

She had been posting a lot of her nail polish photos on her Instagram and now it is confirmed why!

The five chic & beautiful KL Nail Polishes are –


“I actually named it this because of the movie The Holiday.”


Brick Sidewalk

“Brick Sidewalk is a rusty red; it instantly reminded me of…a brick sidewalk” .


“Snickerdoodle is named after my favorite cookie! The color reminded me of the center”.


“It’s named after my best friend’s daughter”.

Broccoli & Chocolate

“Broccoli & Chocolate is the name of an old Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen song. I was obsessed with the twins for YEARS”


“Caramello was named by my mom—she said it reminded her of the candy. It’s such a unique mustard shade. I can’t get enough!”

The KL Polishes will be sold exclusively on KLPolish.com for $8.50. (The pre-sale for the December 5 launch date starts today!) I know I have my eyes on Snickerdoodle & Zoey for sure! What about you?

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