My Top 15 !Mac Lipsticks

Let me start by asking, how many of you started with MAC as your first high end lipstick brand? I totally did!! Today’s post is very exciting because it I thought it would be fun to talk about some of my favorite Mac Lipsticks that I have collected over the years! Oh! and BTW even today, I get completely enamored when I walk in a MAC store, and look at the lipstick display with every color you can possibly imagine and even more… on the stands. Even today it gets a little overwhelming for me when I have a huge selection to choose from!

The first ever Lipstick I bought from Mac was ‘Girl About Town in 2005 for $14 or less i think. Mac prices have been gradually creeping up. Today, a lipstick from Mac costs $17. Oh! by the way… I totally forgot to include it in my top 15 πŸ™

All MAC lipsticks have a light vanilla scent which I kind of like.The tubes are simple yet classy. This post will feature 15 lipsticks that i really adore and recommend, first lets talk a little about the different finishes. There various finishes that MAC Lipsticks come in, they are –

Matte (no shine, full coverage, intense).
Retro Matte, Satin (semi matte with some shine).
Pro Long Wear (opaque, lightweight, creamy, slightly glossy).
Amplified Creme (creamy, glossy finish with medium coverage).
Cremesheen (creamy with a soft shine + medium to full coverage).
Sheen Supreme (medium coverage, creamy, glossy).
Frost (shine n shimmer with sheer to medium coverage).
Lustre (semi sheer with a glossy finish).
Glaze (sheer finish with slight hint of color).
(High glitter, dazzling, metallic finish).
Slimshine (sheer to medium coverage, glossy).

Mac Lipsticks

img_9987Velvet Teddy (Matte), Half ‘n Half (Amplified), Midimauve (Lustre), Spirit (Satin)

Velvet Teddy (Matte Finish) – is a light brown-y creamy matte nude with a slight peach undertone. My lips are a bit too pigmented for this shade so I pair it with a darker lipliner like Spice. The color is opaque and it applies very smoothy although i would say exfoliate your lips before wearing Velvet Teddy.

Half ‘n Half (Amplified Finish) – A neutral brown with a subtle pink influence. Another Lipstick that i have to pair with a darker lip liner or it tends to wash me out. Depending on how pigmented your lips are this shade can sit pink or nude. It’s a super comfortable formula to wear with a slight sheen on the lips. A very flattering nude on light to medium skin tones.

Midimauve (Lustre)MAC describes Midimauve as a Rosy Mauve shade with pearl finish. I love lustre finish, its like wearing lipstick with a gloss on top of it. Midimauve makes the lips look fuller and smooth. It is very opaque color. Covers any pigmentation on the lips. Most wearable lipstick, with your lips but better result. A perfect everyday color for me!

Spirit (Satin) – Described as a mutated cool brown. I am just so into the browny nudes as you can tell πŸ˜‰ The days I can’t think about what lipstick I will wear, it is MAC Spirit. Its just a perfect everyday neutral color. It’s like my lip color, but deeper and with a little more oomph!

img_9989Swatched from L-R—Velvet Teddy (Matte), Half ‘n Half (Amplified), Midimauve (Lustre), Spirit (Satin)

img_9980Creme in your Coffee (Creamsheen), Syrup (Lustre), Capricious (Lustre), Plumful (Lustre)

Creme in your Coffee (Cremesheen Finish)Just like the name, the lipstick is a creamy nude pinky brown. Cremesheen finish is very hydrating but not incredibly long-lasting so if you are not a fan of reapplying your lipstick every 2 hours, i suggest you use it with a lipliner underneath. Creme in your coffee is a very work appropriate color. It also pairs very well with a smokey eye.

Syrup (Lustre Finish)Described as a A Neutral Pink with a Pearl finish. Being a lustre finish it applies quite sheer on the lips with a pretty pearlescent sheen. I like to carry this in my bag for days i want to just throw on a little something on my lips. Its almost a gorgeous cool mauve, that brightens up the face instantly.

Capricious (Lustre Finish)Described as a Rose Plum. Its a pretty plum without being too dark or bold. A very flattering shade that’s very wearable just about on anyone. Capricious looks polished without being ‘too done’ . It applies very smoothly and looks great with almost any makeup look. I love Capricious!

Plumful (Lustre Finish)Described as a Blossoming Rose Plum. It’s a great starter color for people who want something bright without being too loud. Plus it can be worn sheer or build it up to a stronger color. It’s definitely my favorite lipstick.

img_9988Creme in your coffee (Creamsheen), Syrup (Lustre), Capricious (Lustre), Plumful (Lustre)

img_9986Chatterbox (Amplified), Crosswires (Cremesheen), Impassioned (Amplified), Morange (Amplified), Lady Danger (Matte)

Chatterbox (Amplified Finish) – Chatterbox is a straight out pink. Its does not have any rose, mauve or plum in it its just a true pink! Has great pigmentation is very creamy, making it really easy to apply. It glides easily on the lips and does not tug. I love Chatterbox for its looks so fresh and pretty!

Crosswires (Cremesheen Finish) – I bought this Lipstick for my daughter’s teacher during teachers appreciation week and completely fell in love with it that I had to order one for myself! I love coral-y pinks and orange lipsticks. There are days when I just like that little pop of coral without being too bright, that’s when I grab Crosswires as it is a very subtle and wearable shade of coral with a nice sheen.

Impassioned (Amplified Finish) – is a Impassioned is a bright, medium-dark pink-coral with warm undertones and a lightly creamy finish. Impassioned does tend to get dry on the lips and also emphasize those lines so it would be a good idea to exfoliate before applying it. It has color coverage &applied evenly and smoothly I think every girl should own is gorgeous lipstick!!! It is just so beautiful and brigh

Morange (Amplified Finish) – Described as a vivid coral . It is a very bright almost neon orange on my lips. I have had this lipstick since a while and have to say that it is a bit tricky to work with. You just HAVE to wear a lipliner underneath and it stands out! It is definitely one of those lipstick that will draw a lot of attention! I would definitely recommend going into a MAC store to try it on before buying it as it is a very bright shade. It’s a great color for summertime!

Lady Danger (Matte Finish) – Lady Danger is a bright orange coral. I love it! Its one of my favorite orange red for summertime. I have worn this when my skin a bit tanned at the beach and it looks stunning. I get a lot of complimets when I wear this Lipstick. If you like orange lipsticks then this is one Lipstick you need in your life!

img_9990Swatched from L-R—Chatterbox (Amplified), Crosswires (Cremesheen), Impassioned (Amplified), Morange

(Amplified), Lady Danger (Matte)

img_9982Diva (Matte), Rebel (Satin)

Diva (Matte Finish) – Diva is a Intense reddish-burgundy. Although it does applies evenly and smoothly, the pigmentation of the lipstick is so opaque that i have to be very careful while applying it. Its a very plummy and dark luscious lipstick. Its a semi matte lipstick that will not drag on the lips, so even if you have slightly drier or chapped lips you can easily get away with it.

Rebel (Satin Finish) Rebel is super popular Lipstick in the MAC lipstick line. Its one of my favorite medium-dark berry shade that i pull out during the fall/winter time. It looks super dark and scary in the bullet but when applied its a beautiful wearable plummy fuchsia. An absolute must have!!!

img_9983Diva (Matte), Rebel (Matte)

MeWearing Lady Danger & Oliver sporting his cute black lips ;))

img_9972While it took me a while to figure my top 15, Oliver still can’t choose one….ha! ha!

So, I have collected my lipstick collection over the years and also by using Back to Mac program-
Back to Mac Is a recycling program by Mac. When you return six empty containers (shadow pans, foundation bottle, empty compacts or even a lipstick tube) back to Mac you can pick out any shade of their classic lipstick. FOR FREE!! Do you love Mac Lipsticks? Whats your favorite one? Leave me a comment below telling me you favorites. πŸ™‚

You can find Mac Lipsticks at – Macy’s, Nordstorm, Bloomingdales, Mac Cosmetics

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