Maybelline New Falsies Push up Angel Mascara Review

The other day I happen to come across The Maybelline New Falsies Push up Angel Mascara at Target and picked it up only because I am always looking for smaller wands as it gives me the most natural eyelashes and does not look mascaraish.


Its nice that now brands have started packaging their mascara with the brush exposed, which lets you know if their bristles mean business but then it ultimately comes down to the product & formula…so lets find that out!

Maybelline Falsies

The wand is curved & has spiky bristles only on one side which easily gets in the base of your lashes and lift and separate. It didn’t smudge or clump was so easy to apply and helped hold the curl really well!! Its a great every day Mascara, with the skinny curved comb that covered each and every lash. If you looking to get a natural subtle look this will get that done but if you like a dramatic appearance then this may not work. You can probably apply the angel mascara to separate, comb your lashes and lift the roots then go over with another volumizing Mascara for that dramatic look. Because of the curvy shape of the wand it was easier to sweep lashes to the side while lifting and plumping the roots…like it claims. Also I love the sleek Purple packaging that makes it look a lot like it’s a double ended mascara.


Overall, the push up angel mascara gave my lashes lots of length. It was easy to coat all the lashes even the teeny tiny ones, it wore on me well for 9 hours however, there was a little flaking at the end of the day but nothing too bad. I feel if you have fuller thick lashes you will NOT like this Mascara, but of you have thinner straight lashes like mine you might love it…but then there a thousand and one Mascaras out there and I feel mascaras are such a personal choice…what might work for me may not be your a favorite of yours and vice versa!


The last Mascara i bought and that l still really enjoy was the Covergirl The Super Sizer Mascara, Again with a smaller, narrower wand πŸ˜‰ & it gives my eyelashes, length and volume. It can be clumpy, but I typically wipe off most of the mascara on the brush with a tissue before applying, and to apply 2 coats without dipping back into the tube at all.

You can get the Maybelline New Falsies Push up Angel Mascara here- Ulta

I love the Angel Mascara am glad I bought it, it gave me good length, did not clump, was very easy to apply and stayed on with little flaking for good 8-9 hours. What is your favorite Mascara? Lemme know in the comments πŸ™‚

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