K-Beauty Trends – Part II

Innisfree & Tony Moly Sheet Masks Sheet Masks are something Korean women or even men swear by! I love sheet masks & masking for me is about taking care of my skin, is about feeling good and of course antiaging , I feel it really make such a huge difference to my skin! If you do not know by now I am a Sheet Mask addict & have a huge collection of Sheet Masks 😉 My most favorite sheet Masks are from the brand Martinni, but those can be a bit hard to find and a quite expensive.

Sheet Masks are tailored for all skin types, which can go from oily skin to dry skin, combination to aging & even very sensitive skin. There is one for everyone! Each mask has a different function it could be soothing, anti wrinkle, moisturizing, exfoliating, collagen boosting, hydrating, firming & lifting, revitalizing so many different types to choose from…also each mask has a different texture there are some affordable cheaper ones that are made up of cotton and a little more pricey ones are a bit more denser to retain moisture are made with gel, hydro gel, micro fibre, foil etc. Innisfree & Tony Moly are two very popular brands that have such a huge range to choose from. They are very affordable and very easy to use. As you can see my love for Innisfree i have a wide range to choose from everyday based on my skin conditon that day…


Thanks to Korean sheet masks, masking has never been more easier!!


Maycoop Raw Sauce – Firstly, I have to say that I was very intrigued by this product because of its name ‘raw sauce’ that will be good for the face?!?! I wondered whats in this raw sauce? So I figured, this is an essence that actually acts as a 3-in-1 formula and performs the functions of toner, emulsion and serum all in one. Made with 93% maple tree sap, it has a very mild sweet, refreshing scent. When applied to skin, it absorbs in seconds and makes your skin feel revitalized and dewy. So ya!!

Maycoop Raw Sauce

I am happy that this comes in two sizes so I bought the smaller bottle to try it out to see how magical it is. I haven’t used long enough to see any visible difference in my skin but have to say that it looks promising. I kind of look forward to using this essence every morning after washing my face because it feels so clean and refreshing. I however feel it is not as hydrating on my dry skin as I’d like it to be, so I pat the essence on my face in combination with a face oil and it that feels great! I would say definitely give this one a try! You can find it on Sephora here

VDL Lumilayer PrimerLumilayer is a makeup primer that brighten the face. I had not heard of the brand VDL until my sister sent this Primer to me from Korea and then I did some research and found out its a best seller in Korea. It claims to have Violet Lumilayer Pigment, that reflects the light & illuminates the face and highlights features. VDL gives a gorgeous radiant glow to my skin! It has very subtle shimmers in it which first scared me a little as I don’t like any shimmer on my face, but when applied under my foundation, it adds a healthy glow to the skin. I do feel i can not wear this over a foundation as a highlighter because it makes me look like a unicorn with a violet glow :I


The primer comes in a sturdy square glass bottle and you are can easily see how much product is used up or left in the bottle. It has a great pump dispenser which i really appreciate in foundations or primers, it makes it so easy to control how much product you want to dispense.

VDL Lumilayer Primer

The primer feels quite hydrating & every time I put it on I look & feel a lot healthier! Note- if you are looking for a primer to fill in your pores and blur the skin this will not do it. I got mine from Korea but if you are interested to try it you can easily find it at Amazon.

{Thanks a lot for reading my Post xx }


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