Ulta X Miss Fabulous Palette…

Youtuber and Vlogger, MissJenFabulous Jenny Fox, in a recent collaboration with Ulta has come out with her Eye Shadow Palette . She’s introducing the Palette by the name “Miss Fabulous Eyeshadow Palette,” which features warm, neutral shades in both Shimmery, Matte & Glitter formulas. The limited-edition eyeshadow palette is going to be available till December on Ulta’s Website for $20. Have been following MissJenFabulous’s nail art for a while now. She seems to be creative in nails designs so that is why I was a bit surprised when she came out with an Eyeshadow Palette instead of a Polish collection Nail art collection..anyhoo she also does some make fashion and beauty videos so hey why not?

I have never bought or intended to buy any Ulta Shadows because of the poor quality (all made in china) but am curious about this collab where Jenny Fox is putting her name on it, I feel the formula is very chalky and kicks up a ton of powder everywhere. The colors in the Palette (at least in the pictures) look pretty and promising. There are 12 Shadows Pans in the Palette all very warm toned and orangey namely-

  • Virgo (light ivory, shimmer finish)
  • Fab (light camel, matte finish)
  • Latte (medium champagne, shimmer finish)
  • Guru (deep reddish orange, pearl finish)
  • Mitten (dark pinkish mauve, shimmer finish)
  • Sugar Bear (warm brown with yellow undertones, pearl finish)
  • Polished (golden yellowish cream, shimmer finish)
  • Fox (pinkish beige, golden shimmer finish)
  • Arizona (bright medium orange, matte finish)
  • Frankie (terracotta orange, matte finish)
  • Coco (deep reddish brown, pearl finish)
  • Louis (deep golden chocolate brown, shimmer finish)


Here is what I feel about the Palette – Honestly, I really did not have very high hopes from Ulta Shadows, The shadows are soft but very very powdery so you will def need to tap tap that brush many times before applying…there is a lot of powder kick up, the shadows ball up and stick to the eyelids and requires a lot of blending. There is no matte brown blending shade and also not even a dark color to blend out the outer V or use it to smoke things out a little. There are three bright orange colors which is quite unnecessary IMO. The Price of the Palette is- $20 and with Ulta promotion you get BOGO free + $3.50 off Coupon I know I have other Palettes that will get more love than this one and i will not reach for this one often. When Youtubers you have been following put their name on a Product you kind of want to trust that they will come out with something worth the while and with a reasonable price tag. Here I am a bit disappointed with this collaboration because Miss Jen said she worked on it for a full year but then apparently she didn’t do her homework well. Sadly the Palette lacks quality and does not work. This way the you tuber looses credibility 🙁


You can completely pass up on this but if you want to get it a try then you can find the Miss Fabulous Eye Shadow Palette here



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