New Loreal Pure Clay Masks

Hey Y’all ll!! I remember when I was a teenager, my mother encouraged us (My Sister & I) to mask at least once a week. She would make this magical mask at home, and it was a quick thing. I have distinct memories of how fresh, soft and amazing my skin would feel, every time I applied that mask. As all teenagers are, we did not pay much attention to the home-made goodness. I remember asking my mum to make me the mask, anytime my skin felt dull or in need of attention. Fast forward 20 years, and finally I did get curious, and asked her for the magic ingredients.

Well, The question is What is in it?? Now it’s such a special secret that I would have to kill you after i told you the ingredients of my Mother Magical Mask. Lol! But guess what I would never do that coz I love you all!! And would love to share it with you… So here is what she told me– Kaolin Powder, Fuller’s Earth Clay, Sandalwood Powder, a little Chickpea Flour, a pinch of turmeric Powder, Rose Water, Honey or Milk to mix it up and there you have it!

So now that I have become a bit of a mask junkie myself I just had to pick the New Loreal Pure clay Masks when I came across them at CVS the other day!! Especially Kaolin Clay always gets me excited and reminds me of my Mums Magical Mask. However, I only found two, the Clay Exfoliate Mask and the Clay Mattify one. I was told that they will be adding the Detox one to the shelf this coming Friday and I am def going back to get that one as well. Meanwhile I did give the Pure Clay Exfoliate & Refine Pores Mask a go and really liked it a lot.

Loreal Clay Masks

L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Face Mask Range includes three Masks- (Retail Price- $12.99)

  • Pure Clay Mask – Purify & Mattify
  • Pure Clay Detox Mask – Detoxify & Clarifie
  • Pure Clay Mask – Brighten & Exfoliate

Loreal Pure Clay Mask

L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Mask Purify & Mattify –

The purity mask has green eucalyptus which got me really excited. It is powered with three different clays in their pure form. It promises clarified, mattified and refreshed complexion after using at least three times a week. I have not tried this mask on yet but I do feel that the fragrance is a bit too strong and artificial for me. The fragrance is way too perfumy and does NOT smell like eucalyptus. So honestly, i think if you can get past the fragrance it should be fine. But unfortunately, I will be returning this one … 🙁


L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Glow Mask – Brightens & Exfoliates –

This Mask promises to clean out pores, exfoliate, refine and tighten pores. Along with the three pure clays, the Pure Clay – Brightens & Exfoliates Mask contains Red Algae which is excellent source of antioxidants and also has been found to protect against sun damage by making it a natural sunscreen! I really like this mask a lot. It has a creamy texture and does not dry out my skin at all. The Apricot Seed Powder in it provides nice exfoliation. I have used this Mask twice and noticed my skin healthy, glowing and smooth after I use it. I highly recommend this Mask if you have large pores. I used it on my cheeks, nose and chin and the mask left my pores noticeably smaller. Will definitely be buying this again..

Loreal Pure Clay Mask

These Masks are available at any drugstore and online at- CVS, Target, Ulta, Riteaid and Walgreens. Once I get the missing third one which is the Detox Mask, I will be adding the review to the post here. Have you tried any of these? There are three to choose from!! Would love to know if you tried any and how you liked it?

{Thanks a lot for reading my Post xx }



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