First Impressions Morphe Brushes & The new Beauty Sponges!


M224 – OVAL CAMOUFLAGE – I have forever been meaning to buy the Mac195 Concealer Brush to use my cream shadows with BUT shelling out $25 for a synthetic fiber brush is a bit too much for me…so when I saw the Morphe Flat Concealer Brush for just $2.99 only I jumped on it. The Bristles are dense ,picks up product really well and packs color on the lid beautifully. I am glad I got it and I love it.


M433 – PRO FIRM BLENDING FLUFF – This brush is supposed to be a Mac 217 Dupe but for a fraction of the price ($5.99). This brush is great for applying eye shadow as well as blending , its such a multitask brush which is perfect for blending, or lightly depositing color to the eyes. It is a staple for any makeup brush collection. I might have to get a couple more of these coz I really love it that much…

M504 – LARGE POINTED BLENDER – I use this fluffy pointed brush to blend out any transition colors in my deep set crease. Since this brush is so soft and fluffy I also find it nice to set my under eyes with setting powder. Its a great multipurpose brush to own. I really enjoy it…

This one is a very chunky soft buffing brush. I was tempted to buy this brush after seeing Jaclyn Hill use it. She buffed her foundation on with it so easily and raved about how wonderful and soft it is, almost like the beauty blender! I dab the foundation with this and it gives me a flawless smooth full coverage or I would use my Beauty Blender first and then smooth out everything with this brush…It lives up to the hype definitely…


M212 – DETAIL MINI SMUDGER & M149 SMALL ROUND CONTOUR – I really enjoy small brushes for my blending and smoking out the lower lash line. They are dense enough and short for effortless smudging. I also sometimes use mini brushes like these for spot concealing or for highlighting the inner eye.

E14 – OVAL SHADOW – The days I want a natural eye I just use or want to get my makeup done quickly and run out of that door. This brush packs shadow on your lid very easily and blends it for a natural everyday eye look. A very easy brush to blend as well.

E8 – DETAIL CONTOUR – This is a very soft multipurpose brush again. I use it to put powder under my eyes. Its even great for contouring. Its Super soft and dense Synthetic bristles pick up the perfect amount of product and blends like a dream. LOVE IT!!!

E32 – OVAL CONCEALER – TThis brush claims to Blur your imperfections with our flat and rounded concealer brush and is deal for blurring blemishes or concealing dark circles. This does exactly that!


Morphe Premium Beauty Sponge & Morphe Flawless Beauty Sponge


Morphe Premium Beauty Sponge & Morphe Flawless Beauty Sponge – Morphe Beauty Sponges ($6.99) Vs The Beauty Blender($20). What I think – I have tried many blending sponges Eg: Sephora brand, Target brands, Ulta Beauty Sponge and the problem with all those is that they soak up way too much product and feel quite dense with the exception of the real technique one which is not that bad. So I also had to try out the @morphebrushes Premium (the oddly shaped black one) & The Flawless Sponge (Red one). They expand n got way bigger, become very very soft after submerging them in water, I used one on each side of my face to apply foundation and loved them both!!!! I would say that they gave the same results as the beauty blender. I also feel it did not soak up too much product and blended well. Compared to the BB I would say it is very very close just a tad bigger and I will def be repurchasing. A thumbs up to Morphe!!!

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